Your Online Guide To Information About Disorders. has been created to inform you about a variety of different disorders that afflict many individuals. There are many different types of disorders that people struggle with on a daily basis. The most common types of disorders include anxiety disorders, sleep disorders and mood disorders. We also discuss learning disorders, mood disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Knowing the right information about these disorders can help you to classify if the symptoms that you or another person are having could be a disorder.

This site is intended to help diminish the stigma that may be attached to some of these disorders by presenting just the facts. This can help to inform not only sufferers of the disorder, but family and friends of people who have it as well. This site is also meant to help people to know the truth about disorders, rather than just the misinformation that has resulted in bullying and judgement.

We inform people about the signs and symptoms that go along with a variety of disorders. Since many symptoms can be attributed to a wide variety of causes it may help you to narrow down what type of disorder you may have.

By checking your symptoms you may be able to decipher if you have a real medical condition or not. Please note that this site is not a substitute for medical attention but can help to signify when to get help and seek medical assistance.

There are also treatment options listed that can be done at home including self-help books, relaxation videos and stress reliever techniques. These at home treatment can help to you to manage your symptoms. Also mentioned are medications that may help to treat a specific disorder. Therapeutic options are listed including psychotherapy, family therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and more.

Knowing the best treatment options can help to make symptoms manageable and keep you feeling positive. If the symptoms from a specific disorder become unmanageable make sure to seek medical advice for the best treatment options. is an educational resource about a wide variety of disorders. It can help to uncover the myths and misinformation about disorders and relay the truth. If you or a loved one may be suffering from a disorder, check out this site to become fully informed, then seek the appropriate help from a health care professional.

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